Mack's Recent Railfan Photos
1st Half 2009
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A Bit of Texas
June, 2009
Texas, June 2009

Ontario 2009

My buddy Howard and I went to Ontario, Canada to explore a bit, Railfan, and ride the VIA Budd cars. Click here to see pics from the trip!
April 25 - May 2, 2009

...and click here to see just the Budd car trip

I spent this early Spring weekend railfanning "close" to home in Maryland, Northern Virginia, & Eastern West Virginia
April 10-12, 2009

Point of Rocks, MD
April 4&5, 2009

Ashby Signal, VA
April 05, 2009

Spring finally arrived Friday and with it a higher sun and longer days.  The air is still a bit chilly and the trees bare so I'll go for "interesting" shots like this of the CPLs at the East Brunswick Signal.

West of Lander, MD
March 22, 2009

Winter days in the Mid-Atlantic aren't much for scenery so one opts for the odd photo like these of Southbound 11R with battle-scarred M1 tanks under dark clouds.

Boyce, VA
February 16, 2009



just the usual "train-in-the-snow-in-January" shot.

Boyce, VA
January 19, 2009



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