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1st Half 2011
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June 19 -- __, 2011

Berea, OH
April 28 -- ...

I took this shot of Amtrak's Westbound Capitol Limited by the station to show off the newly rebuilt awning on the Met side. It looks really nice.

He was followed a short time later by an auto rack train off the Old Main Line, so I stayed put and zoomed in under the original awning on that side.

February 12, 2011
Point of Rocks, MD

Hmmm, I think the North Collier Railfan Club needs a work day -- trees are encroaching on the classic Eastbound shot!

February 6, 2011
Petersburg, VA

January 30, 2011
Boyce, VA

Point of Rocks, MD in the Snow
January 29, 2011

I was down in North Carolina for a couple ATCS server installations and usually I don't get much time to railfan on those trips. The server host near the Cox signal had everything prepared for us though, making for a very easy install and giving time for a little railfanning!

Yep, that's a third set of signal heads up there -- for a track not yet built that will lead to the Southern end of the intermodal yard.

January 16, 2011
Greensboro, NC


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