Mack's (slightly less) Recent Railfan Photos
2nd Half 2007
(click on each image to see a larger version -- approx 1024X768)

Alta Vista, VA
November 3, 2007


Huddleston, VA
November 3, 2007
Alta Vista, VA

Linden, VA
October 13, 2007

That's not fog or haze in the shot, it's DUST! A local ATV'er decided to take a run on the dirt trail beside the tracks just before the train appeared around the curve. Shirley's

Ashby, VA, 11:46pm - Adequate illumination to confirm focus is a problem in rural areas. I tried to solve this with a smaller aperture -- f13 for this 30-second exposure. 12:10am - I moved to the other side of the tracks for the following Northbound and used a 3 minute exposure to get a little starlight.

My buddy Howard and I took Amtrak to
"Big Sky Country" (Montana) and we shot over 1000 images.

Click here for most of the trip,

Or here for our side trip to Yellowstone.

September 21 - October 3, 2007.

It's time for some tree trimming at North Collier!

Westbound #387

Petersburg, VA
September 8, 2007

Look the other way and still the same problem! Next visit I'm carrying my loppers and pruning saw -- I like trees but when they start to encroach on the shot they've gotta go!

Westbound #387

Labor Day weekend railfanning:
CSX's River Line along Upstate NY's Hudson River, and a few other places along the way.

September 1-3, 2007.

I was in Canada August 11 -- 18 to do some mountaineering but I also managed some railfanning on a busy trans-continental line!

Norfolk Southern in Packer country? Look again, that's an Eastbound #148 at Green Bay Virginia.

Green Bay, VA
July 21, 2007

Early on a Summer morning...

Boyce, VA
July 14, 2007

...even earlier the next morning...

Boyce, VA
July 15, 2007

Eastbound "rock runner" coming out of the Evening Sun and pulling hard up the grade.

Barnesville, MD
July 15, 2007

I knew this train was coming off the Old Main so I prepared for a shot of him coming under the signal bridge and around the curve. I really miss-timed it, picking a 25 second exposure and firing way too soon so that the shutter closed before he passed through the frame. I usually get only one chance however, and I'm still frequently pleased with the results.

Point of Rocks, MD
July 14, 2007

This guy was moving fast so we had little warning and no setup time but I can't argue with the results!

Dickerson, MD
July 14, 2007

After a hike at Harpers Ferry, my buddy and I detoured through Brunswick to see what action was there. On the ready track was a rail grinder set preparing to leave so we decided to wait. Traffic was heavy so it took several hours for his clearance but when it came the show was MAGNIFICENT!!!

Brunswick, MD
July 12, 2007
When he finally lowered the grinding wheels and began to move I didn't have time to reach for my Nikon so I had to settle with Howard's shots from his point 'n shoot. Not too bad, really.

...Thundering North by the station after a Summer downpour...

Boyce, VA
July 4, 2007

It wouldn't be Independence Day without a train (and fireworks).

Boyce, VA


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