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1st Half 2008
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I took a driving trip to Texas the first week of May and covered a lot of ground and caught a lot of trains.

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May 3-10, 2008

I spent a wet, windy, cold weekend in Northwestern Ohio with my buddy Howard. It was still a bit fun, we took a pretty good number of photos, and we saw a LOT of trains.

Deshler, OH
April 11-13, 2008

Took advantage of a grey, rainy day to explore a piece of railroad that I've never been on -- the NS's Winston-Salem District South of Roanoke, VA. The old station at Boones Mill has definitely seen a better day, but it makes for an interesting shot though.

Boones Mill, VA
April 05, 2008

We were just exploring but we did catch one train -- this Southbound at the Blaine signal lead by a trio of high-hood units.

Near Rocky Mount, VA
April 05, 2008

Showing off a new ride. Nathan's one day old Ford Explorer really captured the attention of passing railroaders; we never got a friendly beep of the horn or wave -- they were engrossed with this shinny thing by the signals.

Oaks Signal
Crewe, VA
March 22, 2008
By late afternoon the sky was mostly cloudy but that gave me the chance to get a shot that otherwise would have been just too back-lit. I'm shooting this Eastbound at my maximum focal length to really compress the train. It also gives the false impression that I'm standing in the middle of the old passing siding (I'm not).

Pamplin, VA
March 22, 2008
I stepped back to get a wider shot framed by the Eastbound signals, the inactive one on the right already being cannibalized for parts. The last third of the train was military cargo -- about a hundred humvees.

We began the day with a visit to the East end of Crewe where we met this Eastbound grain train with a foreign leader.

Oaks Signal
Crewe, VA
March 15, 2008
We then went to Abilene to see how things might have changed after the December derailment there. The first train we caught was this CN-lead Eastbound coal off the old Virginian line, now NS's Altavista District.

Abilene, VA
March 15, 2008
That derailment had been caused when a coal train similar to the one above (same direction, etc.) had run through a "red board" and into a container train, landing both locomotives in the ditch on their side and piling containers up in the woods. The Eastbound signals (below left) probably survived but everything else was wiped out. In the foregound (left photo) you can see the cables where the original signal bungalow stood.
Eastbound signals, looking West Looking East at new Westbound signals
This auto-rack train is Westbound through the plant onto the Blue Ridge district (old N&W).

Abilene, VA
March 15, 2008

The skies darkened and even spit a little rain, but we visited the grounds of Patrick Henry's plantation home Red Hill, hoping for a shot. Obliged with this grey sky Eastbound we decided we need to revisit this spot when Spring fully arrives.

Red Hill Plantation
Brookneal, VA
March 15, 2008

Under nifty clouds after a storm.

Berryville, VA
March 8, 2008
...clouds moving on.

Boyce, VA

A crummy (looking) winter Sunday ALMOST provided me with a genuine over/under at Shen.

Shenandoah Junction, WV
February 24, 2008

A crummy shot of a nifty subject. There were two of these guys in the 5-unit consist of this Northbound 111.


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