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1st Half 2013
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Memorial Day weekend in Southern West Virginia roaming the Pokey, Kenova, P-D, and a few other places.

May 23-26, 2013

I was returning home from North Carolina when unexpected Wintry weather caused me to overnight in Petersburg. I guess I have to confess that the prospect of catching this the next day swayed my decision a bit – NS had run employee steam excursions on Norfolk over the weekend and this was the dead-head back West.

Sutherland, VA
Mar. 25, 2013

Here he's sitting at the Oaks signal on the East end of Crewe, Virginia waiting for an empty hopper train to go into the yard. He’s been stopped for hours farther East at Nottoway, VA – that’s double-track with no way to cross over so he’s stuck when something fouls the track ahead.

Crewe, VA

We spent a day exploring the NS PD (Princeton-Deepwater District) in West Virginia, where this train was struggling uphill (he had three pushers also) at Covel.

Feb. 16, 2013

Back on the Pokey mainline at Bluestone, WV, the falls to the left is all that remains of the power plant when this line was electrified.


A short Pokey visit
January 19-20, 2013


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