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2nd Half 2012
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The sun was dipping fast on a clear day but there was still enough to catch this Westbound light engine move led by the Wabash heritage unit.

5:28 PM
November 3, 2012
New Bohemia signal, Petersburg, Virginia


Late Autumn color along the NS' Pokey
October 26 - 28, 2012

Another visit to Harrisburg, PA

October 13, 2012

A late summer day along the CSX James River Sub.

Lyle, Virginia
September 23, 2012

A night at Boyce, Virginia followed by the Virginia Air Show at Front Royal.

Sept. 8, 2012

I spent a surprisingly cool and clear Summer day shooting the Nickel Plate 765 and the NS OCS made a timely appearance as well!

Harrisburg, PA
August 8,2012

My God this thing is bright! The "Glowworm" is a nickname aptly applied to the NS's Interstate heritage unit Eastbound into the afternoon Sun.

Dinwiddie, Virginia.
August 5, 2012

NS Heritage Units in Roanoke

July 6 & 7, 2012

I went out to catch the 630 on its run from Roanoke to Bluefield only to find it had had bearing problems. The replacement was okay I guess.

Montgomery, VA
July 1, 2012


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