A Railfanning Trip to TEXAS, June, 2011
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June 19, 2011

First stop was the Mississippi River at Vicksburg where I planned to spend my morning watching Eastbounds coming off this bridge. The problem was that for some reason no train was running (anywhere) that morning!

Check out the warning signs directed to railroaders...

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Wandering West just before Monroe, Louisiana, my ATCS board lit up with Eastbound signals. Oh, great -- it's mid-day and the Sun is almost directly overhead!

I navigated into town for a shot of the swing-bridge over the Ouachita River, not the best, but that's what I was "given." Note the NS power ;(

Monroe, Louisiana

How do you like that no trespassing sign for some color!

Another Eastbound was not far on the heels of the first so I waited at the same spot. This was a manifest freight with all KCS power and a Southern Belle leader!

...And, it had a DPU! First time I think I've ever seen a DPU on a manifest freight.


A third train was lined not far behind but I decided to try for variety without going far. This is still the same bridge over the Ouachita, just a few blocks farther East.

More foreign power, and another DPU.


After Monroe I headed toward Shreveport, following the KCS line on US-80 and keeping my ears on the radio. At highway speeds you can lose an opportunity fast but I managed to intercept this Eastbound stone train just West of Grambling, LA. Yea, the lighting really sucks but I'm not complaining -- I'll keep this spot in mind if I return home this way..

June 20, 2011

I got a late start and headed out to a little park where the KCS Shreveport Sub-division crosses Caddo Lake.

My first catch was this empty (?) ethanol train with a pair of DPUs.

Mooringsport, Louisiana

North of the park I heard another Northbound train and tried to catch him. I found this great spot but was just too slow getting out on the bridge at Black Bayou Lake.

Rodessa, Louisiana

That Northbound actually stopped to meet a Southbound and while trying to maneuver around to his head end I was surprised by the other train.


Once the Southbound was in the siding, the train I earlier tried to catch pulled on by for me to shoot.


Back at the Caddo Lake park I moved to the West side of the bridge for this Southbound grain train.


The next train due was Northbound which meant the only good angle on him was back-lit. I walked out on the old highway lift-bridge for the shot anyway.


Not too bad really!

The last train I caught was this Northbound lead by a pair of KCS de Mexico units. Not a bad shot at all, but I think I'm wearing out this spot -- time to look for something else...


June 21, 2011

A Westbound comes over the Big Cypress Creek bridge and past the antique shops in town.The morning had been stormy, leaving backdrops of dark clouds to the East.

This was a unit "coil" train -- a load that would seem more at home in the industrial cities of Ohio or Pennsylvania, not rural East Texas.

Jefferson, Texas

This Westbound coal train with all UP power is headed for the power plant at Welsh. I caught him at a place called Sarbanes with those nifty clouds.

Southeast of Lassater, Texas

The siding ahead at Lassater held a short Eastbound; he was along soon after the coal train cleared.

Yep, that same coal train at Hughes Springs, Texas.

The last train I caught for the day was another loaded coal, this one heading to the plant near Thermo.

East of Sulphur Springs, Texas

June 22, 2011

The day started out looking bad for me -- it seemed that again nothing was running where I happened to be, like this Southbound BNSF grain train. I found a spot where he would come over a bit of a rise and into a curve, but he beat me there and I settled for this hurried snapshot. :(

North of Justin, Texas

Most of my day I seemed to be in just the wrong place, but before giving up I was caught by a flurry of activity on the BNSF in the Texas Hill Country.

North of Blum, Texas
I was actually looking for a spot to catch an expected Southbound but then the dispatcher decided to hold that for a couple of Northbounds -- the KCS grain train above and this coal train with a pair of DPUs. Yea, the lighting is wrong and the DPU shot is cluttered, but I like it anyway!


Southwest of Blum

Two trains is enough for one spot so I moved a little deeper into the "hills" and happened on this cut just in time for the Southbound.

That's the Brazos River near Kopperl, Texas. I'd heard that this year's drought has the river at near record low level so I figured some pictures were in order.

While looking at the river I heard a horn and soon this Northbound grain train appeared. I would've preferred a Southbound coming at me over the bridge, but I'll take what I'm given. ;)

Kopperl, Texas

June 23, 2011
Today I only shot this one photo, but sometimes it works out that way.

North of Moody, Texas

June 24, 2011
At the Beach with family in Galveston...

June 25 2011

Another One-Shot Day!

Somerville, Texas

June 26 2011
OK, so yet another ONE-SHOT DAY!!!

McGregor, Texas

June 27 2011
Back on the KCS' Greenville Sub-division in North (East) Texas...

At a place called Leesburg (Texas)
...for some semi-foreign (TFM) power


Yep, that's a headlight in the distance...
...and a pair of pretty-nifty units!


I paced three trains almost all the way to Shreveport, LA, the two I shot above, and this one that I almost caught at a signal called East Fox...

Karnack, Texas

June 28 2011
A bright Sunny morning but again it seemed like everything was coming at me out of that Sun!

Gibsland, Louisiana

I tried to intercept an Eastbound train I had seen leave Shreveport, but MOW activity destroyed that idea. Oh, well, I guess I'll just shoot the interesting MOW equipment!

Just West of Grambling, Louisiana

East of the Mississippi the skies quickly darkened. My only shot before real storms was again coming out of the Sun but this time it really didn't matter.

Near Bovina, Mississippi

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