Texas Railfanning, June, 2009
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I drove to Texas for a family re-union in Pasadena, but I gave myself a little extra time to explore before.  I spent a full day on the KCS Greenville Subdivision working from the middle Eastward to Shreveport then back to Greenville.  It's all CTC with RCL using ATCS channel 5 (email me for an explanation).

While exploring new territory I usually don't have time for many photos as was the case here.  Before leaving KCS country I found a possibility at the East Fork of the Trinity River, just below the Lavon Lake Dam. These units were working Wylie Yard and pulled out for a perfect pose on the bridge.  BUT, by the time I parked and started walking, they were shoving back so I had to settle for this hurried snapshot.

Wylie, Texas
June 25, 2009

A goal for the trip was to spend time on the BNSF Ft Worth and Galveston Subdivisions so after saying good-bye to KCS I headed West to a place called Krum. I worked South until I paused for dinner at the site of the former Rock Island tower in Saginaw, Texas. The diamonds here that once saw the Katy, Rock Island, Sante Fe, Ft Worth & Denver, now host only two railroads, BNSF & UP.  It's still a busy spot.

Saginaw, Texas

Here comes a Northbound Rock Island train!  Well, at least it would have been 30 years ago!


My radio was scanning several frequencies so I didn't pay much attention to a question by a dispatcher: "you're just light units?" The reply caught my attention: "38." I thought "nawww, couldn't be, he must've said 3."

But, as the Gensets cleared and the UP train started North I saw something kind of strange up on the FW&D line from Wichita Falls.

Yep, the first two units were powered and it required a DPU -- that's a lot of tonnage!


Bare-tables North toward Gainesville on the old Sante Fe.


I took these photos because I didn't know the name of the signals and couldn't quite read the sign on the box -- looking at the photos later I confirmed the top one is N Landes and the lower is S Davidson.  Mystery solved and nifty photos as well!

June 28, 2009
Near Somerville, Texas

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