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If you're interested in heavy freights and good rock; The Frisco, Katy, and the Cascades, you and I have something in common. Hi, my name is Mack Muir and I've created these pages to share a few of my interests and insights and to keep myself busy between "exploits". Here you'll find pictures and anecdotes that I hope will be interesting. I update them periodically so check back often.

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Oh by the way, the guy on the left is me.
The climb is the second pitch of "Le Gourmet",
a Seneca Rocks classic.
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The dark-haired guy (not the storm trooper) is my nephew Solomon.  Early December, 2016 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is now undergoing treatment.  He's eighteen with a whole life ahead and that can be tough enough without serious medical issues.  Click on the applet to learn more and to Donate if you can.  Above all, PRAY for the guy.  Pray for his mother (my sister Dolores), pray for his family, and pray for the medical professionals tasked with his treatment.

Chasing the N&W 611 from Lynchburg, Virginia to Petersburg (and back).

June 13 & 14, 2015

I added a page to keep track of the Heritage Units I've caught; I imagine there are a million of those sites out there now but these are my personal photos so unique in that regard.

I made a quick visit to the Historic Spencer Shops for their special Streamliner Event.  A few hours that was well worth the time!

Spencer, North Carolina
May 30, 2014

Finally!!!! I'm updating my webpage again!!!

I flew out to visit my sister's family in Reno and then farther West for some railfanning. Check out the pics and story here.

California (and Nevada)
November 8-11, 2013

New territory for me! For the next few months I have the pleasure of doing everything with one hand! Last Saturday (October 27th, 2012) in the attempt to arrest a fall at a remote spot in West Virginia called Wharncliffe I tore my biceps tendon. The surgery is done, the pain is negligible, and I have time to do some things I've overlooked for months!

My buddy Howard and I spent a week railfanning in some hotspots in Ohio & Ontario, Canada. We hit Berea, Deshler and Fostoria before heading across the border.

April 29 - May 5, 2012
In Ontario, Canada our host guided us to several hotspots for two days of interesting railfanning!

Railfanning to Texas
June, 2011
...and seeing Family ON THE BEACH at Galveston, Texas

June 24, 2011

A Railfanning Trip to Texas
June, 2010
...and a Family get-together at Galveston...

July 3, 2010

White Christmas in DC, 2009

This is my Buddy, Crassus.  Wednesday, August 12, 2009 we finally found him a new home and I very reluctantly had to give him up.  He's happy now and I'll always remember him.

Muir Family Re-Union 2009
This is the bunch that showed for our first Family Re-Union, June 27th, 2009

A Bit of Texas Railfanning
June, 2009
Texas Railfanning June 2009

Ontario 2009

My buddy Howard and I went to Ontario, Canada to explore a bit, Railfan, and ride the VIA Budd cars.

Click here to see pics from the trip!
April 25 - May 2, 2009

I almost passed on ice climbing this year, waiting until the end of February to head North.  I was a bit rusty but climbed OK and had fun.  By the time I went home I was wishing I hadn't squandered this winter!

Now isn't this guy cute! I wonder if he'll appreciate that "compliment" when he's a big teenager? Probably NOT!

This is William Andrew Muir, my younger brother John's newest addition to the clan. Click here to check out a few pictures of him, proud Mommy, Daddy, and sisters too!
William Andrew Muir

Click for week-long railfanning trip through Texas The restored Tower 17 in Rosenberg, Texas was one of many stops on a week-long railfanning trip through the state.
Click for week-long railfanning trip through Texas

New England Ice Climbing

Global warming might be a real hazard to my winter activities, but I'm still gonna try! In fact, my forays North this past winter were pretty typical. Check out this snowfall on the Frankenstein Trestle near Crawford Notch in New Hampshire in February and again at the end of March!

In Late September, 2007 My buddy Howard and I took Amtrak to "Big Sky Country"(Montana) and took tons of photos. The skies were heavy at times, and the angle of the Sun was seldom correct, but the Autumn Colors were Spectacular! Click here for most of the trip,
Railfanning in Montana, September 2007
Visit to Yellowstone, September 2007
Or click here for our side trip to Yellowstone

Labor Day weekend 2007 I railfanned scenic spots along the Hudson River valley in Upstate New York, along with a few other areas along the way... Hudson River Railfanning

Canadian Rockies 2007 I'm a mountaineer, so August brings to mind two things -- COLD and SNOW!!!!!

Click here to check out my Canadian Rockies foray.
While you're at it, check out
my railfanning in Canada as well.
Railfanning the CN in Canada 2007

Cascade Mountaineering 2007
Cascade Mountaineering with a friend.

A ride on the Cass Scenic Railroad in Cass, WV with my buddy Howard Cass Scenic Railway

Mt Robertson Summit Bright Spring mornings were just meant to be spent in the Shenandoah! This view looking South from the summit of Mt. Robertson is one of my favorites; especially after the 2000 foot elevation gain to get there!

A nifty shot of a train?
Well, click it and see...

Borah Peak Summit 2006 was a bad year because I was side-lined with Plantar Fasciitis in my foot most of the Summer. I DID drag my out of shape rear end up Borah Peak in Idaho and subsequently the Grand Teton. Here are some pictures, and the complete story.

Mt Washington Summit People would say that the summit of New Hampshire's Mt. Washington is NOT a prudent place to be on January 1st (2006), especially alone. Maybe not, but it was a Nifty way to welcome the new year.

Christmas 2005 For Christmas 2005 I had my first tree in over 15 years.

Checkout MY decorations, celebrations, and friends(?)

Autumn Beauty Autumn -- when the leaves decide to put on a show, and I try to capture it.

I spent several days in West Texas October 2005 railfanning a line I grew up near -- the former Fort Worth & Denver Railway. It's now the BNSF's Red River Subdivision and there's more action than ever. These are the pictures I uploaded nightly while there. Railfanning the BNSF Red River Valley sub in Texas, 2005

Canadian Rockies 2005 Yep, that's me, doing what everyone should be doing in the middle of August -- EATING SNOW! These are the photos from my August 2005 Canadian Rockies trip.

Hannah Manning on the piano My younger Sister Dolores and her husband Mike have a music store in Nevada. Check out their website here.

A day railfanning at the Hansroe signal in West Virginia
One of my favorite Railfanning spots is the Magnolia Cutoff on the CSX Railroad's Cumberland Subdivision in West Virginia. Click Here for a Day's Action at Hansrote Signal.

Looking down from a climb in the Cumberland Narrows as a train from the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad passes. Click here for more pictures

Except where indicated, all the images you'll find here are my own. If you're interested in using any of them, if you have any advice or ideas, or if you just want to talk, email me.
Proud to be an American!
Mack Muir