Texas Railfanning, June, 2010
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The Mississippi River bridge would have been a perfect place to catch Eastbound KCS traffic if I could.  I just wasn't quick enough on this day, missing two by mere minutes.

Vicksburg, Mississippi
June 20, 2010

I was determined to catch the next Eastbound and I set up at this little bridge over "Big Creek".  Uh, this is the KCS railroad, right???

West of Delhi, Louisiana


When I located the bridge over the Ouachita River in Monroe, the Sun was wrong, clouds were blocking most of the sky (but not the Sun) and the first train to come along again sported foreign power.

Monroe, LA

I FINALLY caught a train with KCS power, but I'm really straining to make a shot work.  Well, maybe better luck tomorrow.   ???

West of Simsboro, LA

My GPS was not locating satellites and I got lost!  Instead of heading West along the Greensboro Subdivision I followed the railroad North to a park next to Caddo Lake. Again the first train to come along sported foreign power and was from the wrong direction (bad Sun angle again).

Mooringsport, LA
June 21, 2010

I knew there was a Southbound coming so I hung at this spot but was surprised by a horn from the South. I hurried out onto the old "historic" lift-bridge (now a pedestrian walkway) for these shots, not making it far enough for a good angle of the railroad bridge and lake.

Mooringsport, LA

Finally the "money" shot!  The light is a bit vertical and harsh, but not bad!


GPS getting "good geometry" I can now head on my original course Westward following the Greenville Sub through East Texas. Traffic on most railroads is usually lighter than other days and it's commonly called "maintenance Monday." I guess it's fitting then that the first move I caught is a work train!

Hughes Springs, Texas

I heard an empty coal train coming out of the Monticello plant near Pittsburg and quickly pulled over to head him off but miss-judged the Sun again!    !&#*%!

Leesburg, TX

Not wanting to give up I hurried ahead for a better angle beside a station sign that needs a touch-up!

Pickton, TX

The morning saw me roaming a lot but not taking any pictures -- nothing really interesting presented itself.

By mid-day I was on the BNSF Ft Worth Sub (former Santa Fe North/South mainline) where The KCS Alliance Sub terminates at a place called Metro.  This guy has just left that spot and is headed East toward Denton.

North of Krum, TX
June 22, 2010

I wandered up and down the line, settling at the spot where a Rock Island tower once controlled the crossing of the Katy, Ft Worth & Denver, and the Sante Fe. The tower and all those roads are gone, but it's still a good place for watching busy train action like this BNSF grain train headed South into Ft Worth.

Saginaw, TX














I spent the next couple days exploring which generally means no photos. The sole exception was catching the Northbound Amtrak in the Texas "Hill Country".

Meridian, Texas
June 24, 2010

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