New Hampshire Ice Climbing
February 16 & 17, 2008
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Arethusa Falls
This is Arethusa Falls on the morning of February 16, 2008. Nothing special, unless you compare it to this photo from 2002. One other party climbed on the far right, but that didn't help us with all the new snow on the climb. I lead the easiest line up the middle but still was exhausted from the effort; on top I sank to my arm pits before reaching the trees!

The next day we decided to join the crowds at Frankenstein. I've seen plenty of snow in New England, but never this much on the long trestle at the amphitheater. Frankenstein Trestle
Bill on the trestle
another guy above me
It was a Beautiful Sunday morning, we decided it worth the wait in line for Standard. That turned out to be only an hour and surprisingly, no more parties came up behind until we were on the first pitch. I guess the expected weather (freezing rain was coming that night) had frightened most away.
I lead to the left side of the cave and brought Bill up. The ice was really fat and all variations were good so we had parties exiting both sides and coming up on the right.
clouds closing in
One thing about trips with Bill: his wife is a great cook and loves to bake goodies for us to enjoy. Of course they are enjoyed much more 120 feet up a steep ice climb!
mmmmmmmm good!
"bomber" anchor
my legs are too long!
I've always wanted to lead the exit from the cave through the "window" that can form in the ice. This time it was high and small, causing more than a bit of consternation as I struggled through. The climbing was easy, just awkward; I thought I was in real danger of a fall but wasn't really concerned because the ice wall to my right provided good "natural" protection. I made it, it was fun, and well worth the effort. I HIGHLY recommend that variation.
Bill squirming through the window

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