Streamliners at Spencer
NC Transportation Museum, May 30, 2014
(click on each image to see a larger version -- approx 1024X768)

I drove down spur of the moment to the Streamliner event at the North Carolina Transportation Museum at the Historic Spencer Shops and even though I spent only a few hours it was worth the trip.  The day was overcast and thundershowers threatened but never came close enough to get us wet (we did hear thunder though).
I saw a few units I was a bit familiar with...

but most I've only seen in magazines.
A few units moving...
...and a few not (yet) moving.
What's the "heritage" of this unit???
This guy couldn't move under it's own power, but the museum's switcher was ready for the job.
I didn't get the full lineup around the roundhouse but I shot enough...

Pretty nifty, huh?
...Ain't these units pretty?
After the fact I realized I'd missed a few units, and ones (like this grab shot of the Iowa Pacific unit) that I saw but just couldn't get a shot.
Amtrak's Veteran unit was the only modern locomotive I shot this day.
...and of course when in NC you end the day at one of the ubiquitous barbeque places!

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