Texas Railfanning
April, 2005
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Enroute, we made a stop in Missouri to see the old Katy Lift bridge over the Missouri River. It was taken out of service when the Union Pacific took over and now UP wants to dismantle the bridge. I decided to photograph it while I still could.

Boonville, MO.
April 3, 2005

I gew up in Wichita Falls in North Texas and railfanned until I moved away in 1987, but I don't think I ever caught a train at this spot just Southeast of Henrietta. This is the West end of a passing siding on the former FW&D mainline.

Dickworsham, TX.
April 5, 2005

The old Katy never looked like this! My younger Brother lives in Central Texas so I had to visit and watch the oprations along the former Katy mainline to Fort Worth. The line to Dallas has been removed.

North of Hillsboro, TX.
April 6, 2005

Stormy skies make a nice backdrop as the train rushes Northbound.

Another spot I never railfanned while I lived in the state was Marshall. The Passenger station is a perfect spot to see all the action like this un-patched former C&NW unit -- there aren't too many of these left.

Marshall, TX.
April 9, 2005

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