Autumn Color on the Cumberland Sub
November 7, 2010
(click on each image to see a larger version -- approximately 1440X900)

After adjusting the clock and sleeping in a bit I received a call from a fellow railfan; he was exploring the area between Martinsburg and Cherry Run hoping to catch the last of the Fall colors.
Hedgeville, WV

By the time we linked up it was early afternoon with the Sun swinging past the zenith in the Southern sky. No problem, we'll deal with it!

This Eastbound coal train is coming past the intermediate signal near the Harlin Springs Road overpass. The sky really lent itself to a vertical shot.
A Colorful load for a change -- I just hope these shiny new tractors don't become "colorful" targets for taggers!
Sunset at Shen

Going back to Standard Time always causes the same situation -- I'm not ready to go home yet!

This shot of a Northbound 12R is really pushing the limits for handheld photography (I discovered my monopod broken and I didn't want to pull out the tripod just yet).


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