Another Visit to the Pokey, WV
Sept 27, 2009
(click on each image to see a larger version -- approx 1440X900)

Eastbound out of the Hatfield Tunnel into the morning Sun.  The past two days had been steady rain so this was a welcome shot!

Matewan, WV

Yea, it's back-lit, but I just wanted to frame something under the signals!

Iaeger, WV

At 12:51pm this Eastbound coal train pulled up and stopped.  We waited, and waited, then went to get some lunch, came back and waited some more.  Finally at 3:21pm a Westbound came by giving us some action (below), but the coal train still sat there!  When we finally gave up and left half an hour later, we heard the dispatcher give the signal.  By then we were on the road home.

Coming out of the Vaughan Tunnel past the Westbound CPLs.

Roderfield, WV

A bit of color as this pusher goes past the CPL.  We detoured down here when I saw a waiting Westbound with a high-hood SD40-2 in the lead, waiting at the  opposite signal.  He never came our way and we had a long way home so we gave up...

Welch, WV

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