Saturday along the Magnolia Cut-off
Sept. 13, 2008
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fog Emerging Eastbound from the fog is CSX 398
Doe Gully Signal
Eastbound 333 approaching Randolph Tunnel
One of the Western Maryland Railroad bridges over the old B&O right of way.
Magnolia Signal
Magnolia Signal
As this Westbound came past the Magnolia Signals we were hearing the roar of an Eastbound on the near track emerging from Stuart Tunnel behind us. The "meet" happened almost out of sight.
Kessler Cemetery
11:27am -- I've never taken the time to shoot a train on "The Wall" and frankly, looking at the results, I probably won't go out of my way for that shot again!
Few Remnants of the old Western Maryland Railroad remain. We had heard of a tower that had once stood at a place called Jerome and decided to try to find if anything was still there. After scouting a few locations, we decided to walk a section of the old right-of-way and just suddenly happened on it!

I've been around Magnolia many times over the years but have never ventured down to river-level for a shot. With the abandoned Western Maryland bridge behind me (I couldn't pass up that shot) I caught this Eastbound grain train.


Magnolia Signal

All day we'd heard of a "High-Wide" snarling traffic as it approached from the East. We set up at West End of Kessler Bridge waiting, but Westbound empty coal #721-12 snuck in ahead.


Finally, that high-wide showed, a couple flats behind the power contained the oversized steel plates all the fuss had been made over.

Sunday along the H-Line

16T at Whitepost 16T Northbound
through Whitepost, VA

Southbounds holding for a track gang
working at Cedarville.
Ashby Station, VA

Whitepost Another Southbound about to stop for the track gang.
Whitepost, VA

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