MKT GP7 #121
This dusty old slide is one of the first ones we took. I say "we" because it was probably taken by my brother Robert, but I'm not sure. The place is the Katy North Yard in Wichita Falls, Texas, on April 4, 1977. Number 121 was the local switcher for a time and as railfans we became fairly attached to it. But one day it left us and we didn't see it again for years.
We finally spotted it on August 20, 1981 at Dennison, Texas. It's nose had been chopped and (much to our dismay) it sported the yellow and John Deere green of the new Katy. #121 in green
You might wonder about the odd configuration with the air resevoirs on the roof. That was because Katy ordered GP7's numbers 120 - 123 delivered with larger fuel tanks and steam boilers and generators for passenger service.

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