Fostoria, OH

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Minutes after arriving at the parking area by the B&O station these two trains greeted us heading West toward the B&O/NKP diamond at 3:56 and 3:59pm on the afternoon of September 29, 2006.

The typical scene at the B&O station greets this Eastbound coming across the diamond. Sandwiched between the NS and CSX tracks on Main Street, the CSX employee parking lot is considered "railfan OK" at nights and weekends. The passenger platforms provide good viewing of the majority of traffic through Fostoria.


My buddy Howard Lanham after shooting a Westbound in front of the B&O station.


Note the lettering in the shield.



After dark, a couple of bulb shots of an Eastbound NS train at 8:03pm, and a CSX Eastbound at 9:01pm.

Saturday, September 30, 2006 started out rainy so we slept in and got a late start heading back to the station in Fostoria. At 12:06pm we were greeted by a pair of freshly painted NS units pulling a train of brand new aluminum coal hoppers.


A rather unique signal warns of which way is unsafe to exit the parking lot.


The ever-present railfans, 12:36pm



A distant Westbound passing under the East Fostoria signal bridge.


Another approaching the NKP diamond from the West.






After this Eastbound NS train passed over the B&O/NKP diamond at 2:27pm Howard and I decided to move on to Deshler.

The white car is an NS policeman who kept an eye on railfan antics for over an hour.

We returned to Fostoria the next afternoon (October 1, 2006). This NS piggyback train is Westbound past Blair yard and about to cross the C&O/NKP diamond at 3:45pm.

A few minutes later the train waiting on track 2 departed, crossing the diamond under gorgeous a sky.

Bound for the "Mixing Center", a lone GP38 pulls a long string of car carriers around the Northeast Transfer track.


I was too close to the rails and this train was travelling too fast for me to adequately photograph the trailing SP unit. As it passed by the headlight of another Westbound appeared on the adjacent track.


Fortunately the Eastbound cleared in time to catch a clear shot of this Westbound.


Another Westbound emerges into view by the NS Blair Yard then takes the curve near Poplar Street toward the B&O/NKP diamond.



While waiting at the C&O/NKP diamond for another Westbound NS, this Eastbound passed over the C&O/B&O diamond by F Tower.


Looking South past the diamond at the C&O yard.

A westbound across the diamond at 6:47pm

Finally the Westbound NS that we'd been waiting on appeared with a BNSF leader pointing into the setting Sun. 6:52pm.

The last train we photographed in the waning light was this Southbound from Toledo on the former C&O going through the "88" crossover and then heading East behind F Tower.



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