On July 21 1994, after a beautiful trip by canoe on northern Maine's Allagash Waterway, I discovered this: tree in the cylinder
In a small clearing in the woods next to Eagle Lake sits a 2-8-0 and her even more dilapidated sister. She had begun life running through the Great Plains with the Kansas City, Mexico, & Orient Railway. She was later sold to a logging company which abandoned her in place when operations ceased in 1933. I had made the trip because a club expressed interest when they learned this locomotive still existed. After witnessing this scene with my own eyes, I advised them to leave her to the trees and wildlife and "let nature take her course".* 2 pitiful machines

*Recent information has brought into question a lot about these locomotives, their origin, and their demise. I'll re-write this page as I have time. In the meantime, here is some info about the restoration work and history:

Thoreau's Maine Woods

Preserving railroad history

Maine Steam Page

Allagash Alliance Group

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