Eiffel Peak 3084m (10,116ft), July 31, 2005
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Mt Carnarvon

We picked Eiffel Peak as an acclimatization climb and a warm up for the week ahead. It rises over the left side of beautiful Larch Valley on the way up to Sentinel Pass.

This is grizzly bear country and a mother and cub had been seen passing through weeks earlier so bear restrictions were in effect. This meant travelling in groups no smaller than 6*. We waited at the trail head for a while and linked up with another group of 5 and were set.
*The reasoning -- there have been no documented cases of a bear attacking people in groups of 6 or more.

The climb is a rubbly scramble to a broad summit with views of Paradise Valley to the North and Larch Valley and Valley of the Ten Peaks to the South and Southeast.
Larch Valley and Moraine LakeMt. Fay

The summit is capped by one of the more ambitious cairns I've seen; we took our time there with the register, and the views.

The mid-day Sun loosed snow on Mt. Lefroy and sent it rumbling down slopes to sheer drops. Fortunately we observed this from a relatively safe distance -- 2 miles. The Sun also provided a good view of the giant Mt. Temple opposite us over the pass. We planned to return to attempt it before week's end.
Avalanches off Mt. LefroyMt. Temple

Mt Carnarvon

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