I planned a visit to the Canadian Rockies for August, 2003 with John Watson-Jones. Having never been there I expected to do a bit of exploration, keep my options open, and my expectations low. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of climbing we did -- five summits including two quite technical ones. I resolved to return often.
  • Mt. Lady Macdonald, August 3 -- A warm-up and acclimatization climb to prepare for things to come later in the week.
  • Mt. Fable, August 4 -- A day that did not turn out as planned, but we DID see bears!
  • Lake Louise Rock climbing, August 5 -- Nifty play on a rest day.
  • Mt. Whyte & Mt. Niblock, August 6 -- Another day of misadventure, but good nonetheless.
  • Mt. Edith, August 7 -- A great technical climb and a beautiful hike out.
  • Mt. Athabasca, August 8 -- A steep glacial climb to end the week.

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