Roanoke, Virginia, January 16, 2016
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This guy was sitting in South yard, we kept tabs on him hoping for a lead (or DPU) shot but it never happened.


A pair of Canadians heading East past the Virginia Museum of Transportation.


We heard a couple of interesting units had been working a coal train on the Pumpkin Vine (Winston-Salem District) so we looked for a nearby place to catch them and decided on the through-truss bridge over the Roanoke River just South of JK Signal and South Yard.

#4000 & 4001, a pair of DC-AC rebuilds weren't leading but I'm keeping the shot anyway!


This is my first visit to this spot after the completion of the realigned interlockings through town.  My initial impression is that the trains now seem to fly through the new Randolph and Park Street CPs – the speed is still only 30mph but that's much fast then 15!


The "J" is scheduled to leave the museum any day now for her inspections before the Spring excursions so we took the opportunity to shoot these three together.  There is a plan to build a new home for them that will be totally enclosed, maybe it will present better photo possibilities.  One can only hope!??

My guess is that the new interlockings were designed while the hump yard was still in active operation and that was part of the plan.  The "dog-legs" have been removed but it still seems to me like a lot of weaving through crossovers!


This seemingly straight-through move is actually coming into the adjacent track and then crossing over at Park Street, the next CP West.


...and another...


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