Winter Returns!
to Point of Rocks, Maryland, March 29, 2015
(click on each image to see a larger version -- approximately 1440X900)

There is no snow on the ground but it sure feels like Winter as a late Capitol Limited comes Eastbound by the station.


YEA! The Sun is trying to break out!


The Sun IS out. Now if only this blustery wind would go away!


Sun's Gone.  Nothing to do but stay warm in the car until the next train approaches!


Foreign power! On one of the auto-rack trains?  That second unit is even more rare in these parts!


What's up with all the long trains?  This one is well over 600 hundred axles!


Well, this one is short, but it's only the local taking trash to the transfer facility at Pepco.


One of those looooong freights went into emergency just West of Rocks causing the Westbound Capitol Limited to hold for a while here at Rocks.  Do I count FOUR bagage cars?

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