Early Spring at a Favorite Spot
Point of Rocks, Maryland, March 22, 2015
(click on each image to see a larger version -- approximately 1440X900)

Shortly after noon I arrived at "Rocks" to find this guy on the Metropolitan Sub (the "Met") waiting to go West on track 2.  Since he was just "parked" I figured I'd go over to the Sunny side to get his photo.


He was waiting on this Eastbound auto-rack headed up the Old Main Line (OML) on track 3.  Looks like this rather faded unit is coming east seeking SHADE!  See what all that Sun does to you?



A short while later I noticed this train quietly waiting at the East Rocks signal.  But waiting on WHAT?


Waiting on this pusher set returning down the OML to Brunswick...


...and this Westbound auto-rack train.


Finally he was able to pull on Westward.


...an empty hopper train off the OML...


Amtrak 29, the Westbound Capitol Limited running on track 2 just a tad bit late (actually about 40 minutes).


Almost the last train of the day, another empty hopper train coming off the OML.


The last train of the day (that I photographed) was this coal train headed toward the OML with sufficient tonnage to require pushers.

I may shoot going-away shots but I rarely end up using them.  In the case of pushers though, it actually works to see them going away, especially lit by the late afternoon light.

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