Spring Has Sprung? (please?)
A Trip South, March 14-15, 2015
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After a dreary, rainy morning at the Charlotte Hamfest in Concord, NC I decided to check out the action over at the Salisbury Wye.  About 4pm the skies quite suddenly cleared and the railroad obliged with a few trains like this Southbound under the new signals.

Salisbury, NC
5:13pm, March 14

Yea, yea, I know.  Shots of Northbounds at mid-day are always badly back-lit, but, I have a 6-foot pile of snow on my front yard back home so I'm going to enjoy a warm sunny day!!!

Petersburg, Virginia
March 15

Damn!  The Sun is still too high, even for Southbounds.  Gotta wait a bit.


OK, so if you're going to insist on shooting a back-lit shot, at least make it a bit interesting!  That was my thought as this Northbound came by North Collier Yard at Petersburg.


One of the many "busses" that come by here, I usually don't even both with the camera.  This one however had a couple surprises tacked on the rear.


Traffic on the NS main that passes under the CSX here is usually light during daylight hours (actually, it's the Petersburg Belt Line, as the old mainline goes through town).  Today, however, NS obliged us with quite a few trains.


At least they didn't put that ugly yellow thing on the point!


This is the only line I know where you get these nifty combinations of container stacks, auto-racks, and mixed freight.


Hay! He forgot his train!


The long shot with the afternoon light and the Winter-brown weeds gives this almost a Western feeling!


A southbound mix-freight with a few rather interesting cars.


Shadows are making the shots a bit more interesting (challenging?) but I still had my camera out and that enabled my first shot of Amtrak's new baggage cars.


OK, finally, it's time for the "Super-Bus" -- Amtrak's Auto Train.

As I'm watching the Auto Train pass I hear a roar and a quick whoosh of air below me.  Nobody told me we were expecting this Westbound hopper train!

Yea, I know.  The light's gone.  But I gotta get one more!  Call this shot a celebration of the lengthening days!


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